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Trendy Thursday { Let Them Eat Cake }

Wedding cakes are one of my favorite parts of weddings. I love seeing all the designs + trying so many yummy flavors! Gone are the days of heavy buttercream and too many flowers. Delicate cakes are totally in, so today I’m featuring a few of my favorite new cake trends!

  • Fresh flowers are out, sugar flowers are in – I love the delicacy of sugar flowers. I love that you can design them in creative ways {adding different colors, textures, etc}. I also love that you can save them after the wedding day!

  • Go for delicate textile details – wedding gowns have always been a great source for wedding cake inspiration. Pretty frills, lace, and overlays are super elegant, but not all details need to be overly feminine. Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of edgy designs that are still very fitting for a wedding cake.

  • Wacky cake are OUT – you don’t have to feature a topsy-turvy cake to catch your guest’s attention. Cake designers are going all out, but in a more restrained way. They’re focusing more on perfectly designed details rather than structural design.

  • Loose floral arrangments – forgo rigid floral design and feature something a bit more fluid. Something that flows and still looks elegant and put together. Sugar flowers that cascade look more realistic and fanciful.

  • Use a sleek pedestal cake stand in place of a chunky filigree style cake drum. They look much more graceful and are great for adding some height!

Real Wedding Wednesday { A Few of My Favorite Things }

You know that song from “The Sound of Music”? The one about favorite things…? Well this South Beach wedding features a few of my favorite things {sparkles, bow ties, floral stationery, and fabulous photography}!

Tuesday Tips { Kidding Around }

Lots of brides dream of a glamorous, adults only wedding. Something elegant {but still relaxed} where they can enjoy the company of their closest friends and family. But deciding whether or not to allow children at your wedding can be a bit tricky. For me, there are tons of family members under the age of 17 so it could be hard to not include them {plus I love kids, so the more the merrier for me}. Regardless, make sure you are very clear on invites as to whether children are invited or not. Also, make sure the address is specific – is it simply Mr. & Mrs. Smith or The Smith Family that you’d like to invite? Stay tuned for our post next week on keeping kids busy during the reception!

Tidbits & Tips { Let Them Eat Cake }

I’m not a huge fan of this particular tradition but, keeping the top tier of wedding cakes actually has a pretty interesting history. It used to be thought that once a couple was married plans for a baby weren’t too far off in the future. Weddings and infant Christenings were often linked, so the top tier of the wedding cake was saved for the celebration. Nowadays, many couples wait to have their first child. When that’s the case, couples enjoy the top tier on their one year anniversary instead. It’s a sweet idea, but year old wedding cake just doesn’t sound good to me. I’d much prefer to have my baker recreate a fresh top tier for me!

Favorite Friday { Ramona Keveza 2014 }

How glorious is this sparkly Ramona Keveza gown!? I just can’t get enough of it!!

Trendy Thursday { Glorious Gold }

Gold is becoming one of my favorite accent colors this year! It looks great with just about any color palette and adds a bit of elegance to the decor =) A simple way to incorporate gold into your wedding is with flatware. Plus it comes in tons of styles {modern, traditional, etc.}!

Real Wedding Wednesday { The New Black }

Soft and romantic wedding decor isn’t always right for everyone. That’s why I’m loving this bold and fun inspiration shoot from Katy Lunsford Photography. It’s full of bright florals and some fabulous china & flatware!